Tuesday, August 23, 2011

McAfee Threats Report: Androids Become #1 Target in Q2. New Hacker Tools Released.

The McAfee Threats Report for Q2 released today, reviews an unquestionably busy quarter for info-security worldwide including:

Chronology of the Anonymous/LulzSec split: detailing infighting and escalated hacktavist actions worldwide.

Android phone malware: android OS-based malware becomes the most popular phone malware for the first time, taking the lead over Java ME by a factor of 3X.

Cybercrime: Whether in Russia, Australia, or the US, the going rate for 1M stolen emails appears to be $25.00.

Crimeware tools: McAfee essentially prices and reviews new releases in Q2 for hacker tools and exploit kits, most notably Eleonore Version 1.6.5, with two 2011 exploits, and Best Pack, with one 2011 exploit.

Actions against cybercriminals: including the shutdown of the Coreflood botnet: “During an 11-month period starting in March 2009, Coreflood siphoned some 190GB worth of banking passwords and other sensitive data from more than 413,000 infected systems as users browsed the Internet, authorities said.”

Cyberwar: Access gained to the Oak Ridge National Laboratory supercomputer through phishing emails sent to 573 lab staff in April. Other incidents in Norway, Russia, and S. Korea.

Spam, Malware, Exploits: spam down, malware on a hockey stick, and exploits flat.

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